Welcome all you animal lovers!  Welcome to my website!

I am Agnetha D’Mello aka Annie. I am currently a eighth-grader at I.S. 75 in Staten Island, New York. I am also in a scholars and regents class!

I started this website because I adore all types of animals. I think every single animal is cute. I wanted to compile information about all animals onto a website.  Hopefully, I can accomplish that goal someday. (Maybe when  I am 90 years old!!!

I love animals so much that every animal sticker I get, I put on my animal wall in my room. I am also a WWF member (World Wildlife Fund)  I even got a tote bag with polar bears on it! (PS – go to WWF.com and check out all the cool information on animals especially endangered fellows.) 

I am sure all of you animal lovers will love my website. BTW there is a section for kids! 🙂

Plus kids can learn how littering effects animals worldwide.

I am sure you will find the information purr-fect! 😉

Charlotte was here. 🙂

Nick was here. 🙂

Mathias was here. 🙂