four chicks ride on chicken


The chicken or a hen (male is known as the rooster) is a domesticated bird. It is a subspecies of the Red Junglefowl. In 2003, it was estimated that there were around 24 billion chickens worldwide, making it the most common domestic bird.  There are more chickens in the world than any other bird species. Humans keep chickens mainly for food in the form of eggs as well as their meat.

Here are some interesting facts about chickens:

1.  Chickens can differentiate more than 100 faces in their own species. They definitely are giving the elephants a run for the money (or should I say memory)

2.  Chickens sure know who their boss is — they have something called a “pecking order”, which is a complex social structure. Each chicken knows its place on the social ladder.

3.  These guys are known to have full-color vision – no color-blindness there!

4.  Chickens love to sunbathe!  Who could blame them? And guess what, no SPFs needed.

5.  Chickens experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep just like humans, so they dream just like us, not necessarily a fun thing during nightmares!

6.  They can feel pain and trauma since they have pain receptors. Imagine the trauma of a battery hen.  Around 452 million battery hens are used for eggs each year. Please look up their pictures on google. Heartbreaking!

 7.  Chickens are protective and defend their little ones from fierce predators. So think twice before calling someone a “chicken”.

8.   Chickens have more than 30 types of vocalizations to identify the different kinds of “thought processes”.

9.  Like many human moms who talk to their babies in their tummies, a mother hen begins to teach calls to her chicks before they even hatch. Aww, isn’t that sweet.

10. Female chickens are called pullets. Not bullets, phew!

11. Guess what alektorophobia is – you guessed it – fear of chickens.

12. The temperature of a newly laid egg is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit…seriously?

13. The chicken heart beats 300 times a minute. Talk of tachycardia…(well, I admit I got that one from my parents…tachy – fast, cardia – heart beat )

14. The droppings of one chicken in its lifetime can power a 100-watt bulb for 5 hours. Interesting!

15. Chickens cannot taste sweet…so no sweet tooth, no diabetes!

16. Running after chicken to catch and harvest them is considered one of the worst jobs in chicken industry…so guess what they do? Make mechanical chicken harvester.

17. After laying eggs, chickens cluck loudly…Well, they have to let the world know they laid eggs, don’t they?

18. Some chickens lay green and even blue eggs…pretty.

19. They slurp worms and grass like spaghetti. Yummmm….or is it? Worms??

20. Evidently, chickens love dust baths, who knew.

 Last but not least, chickens are adorable—take a look for yourself 🙂 (Redirecting to PETA website)