1. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so that they do not drift away. Now isn’t that cute.

2. Squirrels hide acorns and forget about many of them which grow into trees. Talk about bad memory .

3. When puppies play together, the males mostly allow the females to win. Very chivalrous.

4. This is really funny. Turtles can breathe through their butts.  No comments !!

5. Evidently, cows have besties. We are not the only ones .

6. Some penguins propose to their girlfriends with a pebble. Now try that with a woman! 

7. Monkeys vend snacks from machines with coins. Smart alecs! 

8. A penguin was knighted in Norway. They did not get any humans good enough.

9. China can give you the death punishment for killing a panda. Now who would want to kill a panda?

10. Rats evidently are ticklish, they laugh if you tickle them. I am certainly not trying that out. 

11. There is a rabbit show jumping in Sweden. Well!

12. Dolphins can name each other. What, name him “George”? 

13. Puffins make a separate toilet with their homes. Now that is smart.

14. Listen to this. Cows give more milk when listening to music. Guess, which they like the most. R.E.M’s Everybody hurts. Now, who on earth did that study? 

15. Oysters can change their gender at their convenience. They certainly do not need to go to a hospital for that. 

16. Some monkeys make snowballs for fun. Not surprised.

17. Seahorses hold each others’ tails as the travel. That’s cute. 

18. Chicks can communicate even before they hatch using certain sounds. Nice!

19. Dogs’ nose prints are like human fingerprints, unique to each.  Well, if a dog commits a crime, we know what to print. 

20. A species of jellyfish (Turritopsis nutricula) can live forever. Whoa!!

21. Crows can play pranks on each other. Funny. 

22. Guess what butterflies taste with. Their feet! Eww! 

23. Goats have accents. I wonder how a French goat sounds like.

24. Squirrels adopt squirrel babies that are abandoned. That is mighty noble of them.