lamb diagram

  1. About 1 billion sheep live on planet earth.
  2. Guess what? China has the most sheep in the world.
  3. Grown women sheep are called ewes.
  4. Grown men sheep are called rams. I guess they like to ram into people. 😉
  5. Castrated grown men sheep are called wethers.
  6. A group of sheep is called a herd, flock, or mob. A GROUP OF SHEEP ARE DANGEROUS!!!
  7. Little sheep are known as lambs.
  8. Sheep have a field of vision of around 300 degrees, which means that they can see behind them without turning their head. Awesome!
  9. Sheep are herbivores that eats plants like grass.
  10. The digestive system of sheep features four chambers which helps them to break down food.
  11. Sheep like to stay close to others in a mob which makes them easier to move.
  12. In 1996, a sheep named Dolly was the first ever mammal to be copied by a somatic cell.
  13. Domesticated sheep are raised for some agricultural products like fleece and meat.